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Our Services

FASHION WORLD INTERNATIONAL  is committed to providing the best services. We are dedicated to putting the customers first. Our efficient management team help your operations running smoothly and they are able to contribute to delivering an order on time and on budget with –




We have an extensive sourcing network of dedicated manufacturers and exporters through out the country. In addition, we have reliable sources of raw materials like fabric, trim & accessories within Bangladesh and abroad at very competitive prices. We offer a complete sourcing package from design to delivery. We ensure the most suitable manufacturer and supplier for our client’s requirements.


Quality Assurance


To ensure the highest standard quality goods we have a very dynamic and experienced team of Quality Assurance team. They check all the fabric/ accessories, print/ embroidery, different samples, patterns, case pack, carton quality, shipping mark, assortment, presentation, etc. through a set of inline, pre-final, final inspection procedures:


Fabric Inspection: Lab dip test, knitting/ weaving/ winding, dyeing, color matching, color fastness test, durability, weight, washing test, etc.

Accessories: Accessories color- matching, fastness test, durability, etc.

Measurement Spec Inspection

Production Inspection: Fabric cutting checking, Measurement Checking, washing test, etc.

In line Inspection

Pre-final inspection

Final inspection


Factory Evatuation

We take an extra step to source the most appropriate vendor for our customers. Before
selection we thoroughly evaluate Factory on the basis of the following assessment:



Factory design

Financial performance

Factory equipment & machinery

Factory productivity

Quota export performance

Prevalent working procedures

Factory past performance

Technical competency

Factory personnel competency

Factory reputation

Level of professionalism

These services can be further extended in locally reliable fabric sources, dyers and printers,
which ultimately promote quality of merchandise. This is an important process as no factory
should be over booked, which causes delays in delivery and impacts production quality negatively.
Factory assessments are an ongoing process. Vesper Fashion is constantly investing
time and effort in finding new factories, which can meet the requirements of client in terms of
fashion and price.


Our merchandising team consists of some highly qualified and experienced persons
whose the sole aim is the customer satisfaction through the quality goods and in time
delivery starting from the very inquiry of the customer through fabric, accessories,
documentation follow up and reporting the status of the order to the buyers regularly.

Our merchandisers provides –




Follow up and execution of order from the very beginning to the shipment in time.


Monitors Fabric, Design, new trends in fashion, etc.


Sourcing of raw materials and reliable suppliers for smooth production
under the price margin.


Help buyers to expand their business by introducing new samples or styles to them.


Inform the customers about the different types of fabrics, printing, embroidery,
production process, their positive and negative aspects, to make the buyers
aware about the pitfalls before that may occur.


Liaison between the customers and the suppliers.


Guiding and assisting the suppliers to meet the customer’s requirements with
regard to the styling and design.



Shipping Documantation

Our qualified persons work in close association with the leading freight forwarders,
air lines and shipping lines in various locations to provide the customer specific value
added services by pre advising all shipments on a regular basis and make
specific and appropriate documents for the smooth documents.
Also they help the suppliers in documentation so that the goods reach our valued customer’s
hand without any difficulty.



100% Cotton Fabric combed or carded.

Cotton and elastane blended fabrics.

Cotton and viscose blended fabrics

100% Polyester fabrics

Cotton and Polyester blended fabrics.

Yarn dyed striped fabrics.