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Fashion World International

FASHION WORLD INTERNATIONAL is one of the Fast Growing Buying Houses of Bangladesh in Ready Made Garments Sectors. It has been started aiming at extensive evaluation of global markets through on going trend, fashion and overseas Importer research.

FASHION WORLD INTERNATIONAL has always an eye on the production based on the specific needs of the Importers, Wholesalers, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets.


FASHION WORLD INTERNATIONAL Fashion sourcing unit develops a comprehensive merchandising and production plan for each of the associate manufacturing units in Bangladesh & monitors quality aspects at all phases of production constantly. Its sharp rise based on the highly performed activities in exporting quality garments throughout the competitive market worldwide in competitive price.

Ready Made Garments industry of Bangladesh began humbly in the late 70’s as an insignificant non-traditional export item. But now it contributes around 65% to the national export revenue. The Garments industries commenced in view of contributing in the revenue of the country and to act as the mediator between the garments industries ant the foreign customers many agent offices or buying houses are established and helping the smooth production going up to the shipment with the time limit. Vesper Fashion started with the same view to meet the need of changing trend of fashion worldwide.

A group of dedicated and experienced professionals are engaged in ensuring the quality garments export and to meet the requirement of our valued customer. Our team spirit, health and hygiene arrangements, unbending attitude towards the quality and timely shipment helped our company become remarkable and grow faster.

We make every effort to obtain a clear understanding of the sample, specifications and buyer’s need, regarding quality and delivery. To satisfy customer’s need on quality we have a systematic Q.C. policy and a very professional Q.C. team.